Brazillian Extension Bundles

Brazillian Extension Bundles

Our Virgin hair enhances any hair style due to its versatility. Our loose, straight, or wavy curl patterns  are full of volume!  The bundles can be worn in its natural state but  can also holds a curl and can be straightened without the loss of its original curl pattern. 

  • Hair Care Instructions

    How do I prepare my bundles for install?
    To prepare your bundles for install, pre-wash and condition your bundles with high-quality shampoo and conditioning products that are Sulfate Free.

    Can I dye my hair extensions?
    Yes, you can dye our extension. Our Dyed Collection in Blonde has been pre-bleached, making it easier to deposit color into the hair. We recommend that you utilized experienced hair care professional to color of your hair extensions for best results.  

    How do I care for my hair extensions?
    Shampoo and condition regularly, with a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo. Use a sulfate-free creamy conditioner to add moisture. Use a heat protectant when applying heat styling tools, and sleep on a satin pillowcase (or in a satin cap) to reduce breakage, tangles and thinning

    How to care for my Body Wave textured hair extensions?
    The Body Wave texture is very low-maintenance. To keep your extenstions volume, use only a small amount of product. To enhance the curl pattern, use a misting spray bottle with water before adding products. Comb hair using only a wide-tooth comb while damp and scrunch the hair with your hands. Allow hair to dry to set the curl pattern.

    To set waves or curls, you can use a curling iron or Flexi Rods. To straighten hair, use very little to no product. Body Wave hair straightens very easily with a flat iron

    How do I care for my Straight textured hair extensions?
    The Straight texture is extremely low-maintenance. To avoid weighing hair down, use only a small amount of product as needed. After install and washes, flat iron the hair to give a sleek appearance.